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Be sure to checkout our PHOTO GALLERY & VIDEO GALLERY. You will find plenty of inspiring ideas for using sedums, sempervivums, sempervivum arachnoideum, jovibarba, and jovibarba heuffelii in your gardening designs.

Succulents are wonderful plants that are so easy to grow. They thrive in sunny, well drained areas. Unless otherwise specified our succulents are hardy to zone 3 and once established in the garden do not require winter covering.

Sempervivums (hens and chicks) are more commonly known as "Hens and Chicks". These unique hardy plants come in a variety of colors ranging from pink, red, purple and green. Each rosette produces new offsets each spring that root quickly. Left to grow on their own, these clumps will spread to form beautiful dense cushions of attractive growth. With the exploding interest in rock gardening, succulents are among the easiest of choices available.

Sempervivum arachnoideum have a layer of cob-webbing over the leaves. Leaf tips are connected by a white cobweb of hairs. There are many varieties which differ in color, size and degree of cobweb.

Jovibarba are often called "rollers" and have chicks that mound up on top of the mother plant only to roll off and create a family of their own. Easy to grow and very colorful. Jovibarba Heuffelli are regarded by many as the king of the hen-and-chicks. Rather than producing chicks, the rosettes split in two down the middle. The blooming rosettes produce their flower from the side rather than from the center. Carefree plants requiring very little maintenance. Great to use in rock gardens, wall, troughs and containers.

Succulents are ideal plants for the gardener with limited space and limited time. They are such carefree plants requiring very little maintenance.

Sedums, also known as stonecrop, are among the easiest perennials to grow. They are extensively used in the gardens due to their interesting appearance and hardiness. The soil requirements are far from fussy and few pest find them appetizing. Great for rock gardens or for ground covers. Simply Succulents® carries a variety of vibrant sedums.

Our topiary critters are moss filled frames planted with a variety of hardy succulents. They will be planted and with your loving care, they will continue to fill our and cover the moss frame. Place your topiary in an area that will receive at least half day of sun. Watering is easy. Just soak in a tub of water. In cold areas of the country topiaries can be brought indoors or left in the garden and covered with styrofoam cooler or rose cone.

Printable topiary care instructions

Our unique succulent mushrooms are planted with a variety of colorful hardy succulents. Place in a sunny area and soak with water as needed. With loving care our mushrooms will live for years. Care instructions included.

Our living succulent wreaths are planted with a variety of hardy succulents to create a unique wall hanging or table centerpiece. Our 13" moss filled frames are planted and rooter. With your care they will fill out to about 16" in one season.

Our stone like planters are handcrafted so each one has a unique color and shape and is planted with a variety of succulents. Perfect as a table centerpiece or as a garden accent.

Our succulent collections are your BEST VALUE! Each collection will have a good assortment of colors and textures. This is a fun and easy way to start succulent gardening.

Discover the magic of Miniature Gardening. Creating your own enchanted landscape is fun for all ages. We offer a variety of miniature gardening accessories and plants.

Simply Succulents® is also sells its succulents to wholesale customers. If you are interested in becoming a wholesale member and placing a wholesale succulent order, we invite you to visit our wholesale page.

Simply Succulents® is where to buy hardy and healthy succulent plants online! Our succulents make great additions to succulent gardens, miniature gardens and fairy gardens.

Shop with confidence! We personally select and pack all items.

Simply Succulents® has been recognized as one of the seven BEST MAIL ORDER PLANT SOURCES in the January/February 2011 issue of Garden Design Magazine! We are proud to be recognized by Garden Design for the care we take in sending our unique succulent plants.

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